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Sarah Dagher

PhD student
email: sarah.dagher

I completed my studies in neuroscience and currently working on fun emotions. I’m interested in conserved behaviours which we normally never pay attention to, in addition to social interactions between animals and communication.

Vsevolods Girsovics

PhD student
email: girsovics

After studying neurobiology, behavior and cognition, I turned to systems neuroscience to investigate how touch is translated into joy. I am mostly interested in the evolution and the neural underpinnings of social emotions, music and language. I believe that the roots of all allegedly unique human capacities are to be found across the animal kingdom.

Shimpei Ishiyama

Junior Research Group Leader
email: shimpei.ishiyama

I studied neuroscience and have been working on systems neurobiology. I am interested in the brain mechanisms of peculiar natural behaviours.